Today i'm cooking chicken stew, and i wanted to make this video to show you how easy and fun it can be to cook from scratch and how creative you can be in your cooking. My selection of vegetables for this stew is defined mostly by my garden.

Whatever is available at the moment, tomatoes, sweet, peppers., eggplant and zucchini hot chili, peppers to spice it up together with bay, leaf and ground coriander. You may go with the same selection or modify it according to what you got in your garden, or your fridge, tomatoes and sweet peppers is a must in my opinion, but you might go with different vegetables like potatoes, for example, washing everything and chopping up vegetables always Takes time i actually enjoy it, my veggies look so nice and it is a pleasure to slice a sharp knife through them.

Okay.. Now that we've prepped, all our ingredients, we are going to fry our chicken really fast on high heat. I use bacon fat, it adds flavor and helps create this beautiful golden crusty surfaces. To tell you the truth, this crispiness is not there at the end, but still i do this and onions too.

I fry them in sunflower oil. You can use any other oil. You have or bacon fat again it's, good to add all the spices now and then the chicken and all the veggies, adding a little bit more spices and salt and boiling hot water.

Water should not cover the vegetables, but stay about an inch under the surface, bring it to boil., reduce heat and cook for about an hour depending how soft you want. Your stew, to be a good rule of thumb, is to turn the heat off when the meat starts separating from the bones easily, as it cooks all vegetables gradually submerge into the broth.

If you feel like your stew, is too soupy, you can thicken the broth with flour, i like to use chickpea flour that i buy in indian or pakistani stores. I think it is more nutritious than wheat white flour and adds a good flavor well.

. It's, ready to eat now served by itself or over rice. Let me know in the comments, if you cooked something like that and how your dish came out, i'll, be glad to hear from you